Useless knowledge: Prnt Scrn


1.Screen shot → 2.アクセサリに入っているペイントを起動してPaste → 3.それを再びCopy → 4.パワポにPaste


ちなみに私が今年ググって知った画期的なWindows + USキーボードでのショートカットは、デスクトップ表示と日英切り替えです。Windowsってなんでいまだに存在しているんでしょうね♪

When I was working on document preparation together with my friend. I found she always took strange proceadure for adding captured images. 1 Capure, 2 Start Paint app from accesary and paste the captured image on new cambus, 3 Copy and paste it onto the PowerPoint document. Please note that she is very smart lady. I don’t think 2 is nessary step. So I asked her and found she just didnt know that. I don’t know that’s because I’m a mac user, who basically dosen’t use Paint kind of application. But it’s funny. Many people repeat step 2 for their presentaiton materials.

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