The eclipse experience



This is how I saw the eclipse. I’ve heard that this is the first time in 932 years the eclipse can be seen in very wide across Japan. Of course people here in Tokyo also enjoyed it so much! But you know 7.30 in the morning I’m in the middle of preparation to leave home. I mean pretty busy. My kind TV screen showed me conditions of the eclipse lively in tiny windows like during the term of election, disaster information and stock prices. Anyway I thought it’s very good people looked up the sky instead of staring at their mobile phones, and knew how the sun is bright. We Japanese got another chance to know the power of nature.

FYI: This is just an instagram photo but it seems I captured ‘this is it’ moment. The scene was from the final of Sumo Summer Tournament. And the very next moment originally Mongolian Kyokutenho (right) grabbed his first prize in his 21 year career and at 37 years old =very late and old. He cried so hard! I don’t have much to say but Congratz!

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