Gift wrapping


ブーちゃん喜ぶかな。最近は恐竜に興味津々とのことなので、「こんど いっしょに じゅらしっくぱーくを みようね」と書いてみました。怖いよねー、あれ。ぷぷぷ。


Tonight I went to Loft and bought some stuffs to wrap a package for my nephew. He finished pre-school this March, started go to elementary school from April 1. I can’t believe he, once baby or monster or spoiled while very smart little boy, is now 1st grade! 6 years for Elementary school, 3 years for junior high, and another 3 years for high school, 4 years for university. Hahaha. It will be a long road. But don’t forget about that, Boo-taro. Your next 16 years is the last term that you don’t have to earn any money and pay tax. What do you wanna do?

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