In my head radio: volume 11

Wed 11 January, 2012 -Songs for Mr. Depressed

Every morening I get off a metro at my office station, I find a young man sits on the bench like Rodin’s ‘Le Penseur’. But actually he’s not thinking. He’s just another tired Japanese salaryman. So I named him Mr. Depressed, and say hello to him in my heart. But today he wasn’t there! He just took a day off or he found another place to work, or he got over something. Anyway, something good happened for him. So here are songs for him or someone like him!

#1 Owl City ‘Fireflies’
Here is Tokyo. So no one talked to Mr. Depressed. I always wanted to say to him ‘Don’t worry, you are better than Adam Young’. So he could be okay.

#2 Muscles ‘Ice Cream’
This electronic dance Aussie sings ‘♪ I don’t want no other, i just wanna dance with my shadow’. Lonely. But I love the melody, lyrics, yeah almost all of it!

#3 Alanis Morisette ‘Ironic’
I see Taylor Hawkins on drums o the live video. I prefer his hairdo. Shorter the better for him, right?

#4 Primal Scream ‘Keep Your Dream’
If Bobby says to me you’ll be okay, I feel so. In this song he sings ‘keep your dream, don’t sell your soul, be careful’. So I’ll do.

#5 Kaientai ‘Okuru kotoba’
Originally released in 1979 by Japanese folk? band Kaientai. ‘Okuru kotoba’ is very popular song especially at graduation ceremonies. (Yes, we have a ceremony for graduating!) I found again it’s really good song!

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