In my head radio: volume 9

Wed 28 December, 2011 -The Short Goodbye

Today was the last business day in our office! We still had lots of things to do. But no one wanted to work any more. ‘Because it’s holiday!’ Let’s sing the songs below if your business days are still going on.

#1 ‘The Final Countdown’ Europe
Right, left, do it together. Love it. hahaha. Anyway, what a great vocal!

#2 ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ Crowded House
Love the guitar solo. But I will get frastrated if my boss sings the line ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ to me at very last minute of the last business day,

#3 ‘NA NA NA’ My Chemical Romance
Seems like in a hurry. Let’s sing ‘Na-nana Na-nana’. You can finish all works ealier than expected. Probably.
焦っている感じがいいのです。余裕がなくなった時に、無駄に「ナーナーナ ナーナーナ」と鼻歌すると没頭できます。たぶん。

#4 ‘Chariots of Fire theme song -Titles’ Vangelis
The master piece ‘Chariots of Fire’ is broadcasted during a long hiday very often. And this instrumental song that seems last forever. I believe that it whould be your reflesher. Feel sea breaze and reflesh yourself.

#5 ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ Handel
Needless to say, very end of the year song. Made by Georg Friedrich Händel. It’s long but just so spectacular! FYI: I can sing too!

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