In my head radio: volume 7

Fri 2 December, 2011 -Cutters forever

A few years ago, when I googled Cut Copy, the result was ‘Did you mean Cut copy & paste?’ No one asks me this kind of stupid question anymore. This Aussie guys now Grammy nominee! Read the article here.
数年前まではグーグルに“カットコピー”と入れると、「カットコピー & 貼り付けではありませんか?」と出てきたものです。もうそんなことを聞く人はいません。このオーストラリアのバンドはグラミー賞にノミネートされましたから!こちらもどうぞ読んでください。

#1 Saturdays (Reprise)
It’s still Friday. But clap your hands. Time to start ‘congrats Cutters matsuri’! I love this old stuff and its remixed version so much.

#2 Feel the Love
Generally I’m not a person who says ‘Hey You!’ But when i was at the gigs, I sang with Dan like thousand times. All audience did so. Hey Pomona. I didn’t find the second floor in The Glass House.

#3 Out There on the Ice
This is my favorite from their 2nd album. But after couple of Cutters experience, I understand this is one of the most unpopular songs for playing in gigs.

#4 Hearts on Fire
Great video. This is exactly what they are! On my… you can see a cardigan DJ (a.k.a. Dan the Cutters) again here. I remember you were also cute in it when DJing in Womb, Tokyo.

#5 Strangers in the Wind
Someone stole their old photos. Good job! They used to be 4 piece band. Now back to 4 from 3 piece. Good good. This song is just brilliant and breath-taking.

#6 The Twilight
When I first time saw them in 2005, they played this song in gig. Then I became a fan of edgy guitar sound. Won’t be played anymore cause now they have so many great dance rocks.

#7 Kelly (by Van She, remixed by CC)
Cut Copied perfectly. Like Van She too, but I want to tell you there is a big problem. Both bands are not so popular in my country. If want to see them live, need to go out of Japan so far.

#8 Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
Only one song from ‘Zonoscope’? I haven’t see the tour this time. So need an opportunity to listen the songs live. But love it especially much sophisticated cover art.

#9 Going Nowhere
I always want their gigs end with this song. For me this is Cut Copy. Love to feel youth, energy and a night nothing to do in this one song.

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