In my head radio: volume 6

Mon 28 November, 2011 -Damien Rice

Long time no see him. Why him now? Read more in the article.

#1 ‘Cannonball’ from 0
Simple lyrics and soft guitar. This is a half aspect of the musician, Damien Rice for me. I love love love this song.

#2 ‘Rootless Tree’ from 9
Pretty emotional. Once you see him singing in the music video, you will believe this yasaotoko is anti-something…

#3 ‘Me, My Yoke and I’ from 9
Very emotional. I like strong and sometimes aggresive lyrics. I prefer this aspect of him.

#4 ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ from 0
Probably everyone’s favorite. I heard thousand times. I’m just wondering why there are so many ‘daughter’ songs. No reason but I don’t like it.

#5 ‘9 Crimes’ from 9
Although he is in a blue almost all the time, I never have hikikomori feeling that I feel while listening to Radiohead. Love this beautiful images of the video. But wonder why he wore a jacket bird wathching clab were.

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