In my head radio: volume 5

Sat 26 November, 2011 -Song titles left in my iPhone 3GS

Finally I received a new iPhone yesterday. Before switched to the new one, I found some band’s names and song titles are written in memo. Maybe I wrote those when I was listening to a Canadian indie radio.

#1 ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’ Snow Patrol
The only non-Canadian band Snow Patrol is, of course, popular in Japan. I’m not a big fan, but my hands always stop when their beautiful and dramatic songs come from a radio. It’s been a while last time they played in Japan, I think. When will be the next time? Just wondering.

#2 ‘Life of the Party’ The Weekend

It’s not so often that I hear The Weekend’s name here in Tokyo. But I think he is still 21 year old or some. Don’t need to worry he will come soon. Like his R&B taste. Need to see him live.

#3 ‘The Warrior’ The Goodluck Assembly
I read a SXSW 2011 article written about this beautiful melody & voice band. While love their friendly policies, I wonder they are really okay with it and music may not be the thing they want to do. My god, they have a funny video. I’ll put it to my favorite!

#4 ‘Frequencies’ Greg MacPherson
Strong voice, and strong indie feeling. This is the main reason why I like music radio programs from overseas. There is good music. If I can’t go to see them, it tells me lively more good musics and great indie musicians are around everywhere.

No video
#5 ‘Lot to Learn’ Jim Guthrie
Simple and beautiful. I like this kind of Canadian singer songwriters. This song is from the extended version of his 2003’s Juno Award nominated album ‘Now, More Than Ever’. Furthermore he releases album as the bands Human Highway and Royal City.
シンプルで美しい。このタイプのカナダ人のシンガーソングライターは好きです。この曲は2003年にジュノアワードにノミネートしたアルバム『Now, More Than Ever』の拡張盤に収録されているそう。彼はHuman HighwayやRoyal City等バンドとしても作品をリリースしているんだそうです。

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