In my head radio: volume 4

Wed 23 November, 2011 -My Hostess Festival

Tokyo’s record label Hostess is not big in its company size. But they are definitely strongest and the most motivated label in Japan.
A few days ago, they announced that they’ll host their first big music event in February, which features bands from their gorgeous artist list. Spiritualized, The Horrors, Wu Lyf, Youth Lagoon and more bands will play in two days. Amazing, isn’t it? So today I’ll write here ‘If I was a girl from Hostess, I would offer….’ Forget about big bands also popular in Japan like Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and Beck.


#1 ‘Set You Free’ The Black Keys
First time I saw them in the night slot of old Austin City Limits Music Festival, I couldn’t see the stage at all due to the darkness and sandy dust! I purely loved their sound, voice and energy. Years passed, then the Ohio duo has the masterpiece ‘Brothers‘ and Grammys. Bravo! But sigh… I don’t believe their music is too mature for Japanese audience, and don’t want to say they are not popular in Japan… but it’s true… IT IS TRUE!

#2 ‘Staring at the Sun’ TV on the Radio
The best of the best, but they are the next neglected band. Too eccentric? Confusing with other hip hop guys? I want to share with you my just one time experience. The balance of plugged and unplugged, roar and silence, and excited audience. All materials in the show are sophisticatedly controlled. When you leave the venue, all words you could have will be ‘holy shit’.

#3 ‘Spectacular Girl’ Eels
I want to list my favorite Canadian duo Junior Boys here. But it’s been a while since the last album. So I selected Eels for now. The name is weird. I eat them, but I don’t like seeing them alive. I’m sorry. The front man of the band, E looks like a Harley Davidson guy almost all the time. His voice sounds like the one after 30-year smoking habit. But once you know this song, your mind will be changed forever. He is cute!

#4 ‘Seventeen Years’ Ratatat
This song was not the reason why I picked the album. The cover photo, that’s it. I saw a guitar guy and a bass guy in it, but I couldn’t find any sounds of strings while listening to it. Sometimes pop, sometimes just noisy. But I don’t forget that I bought tickets for two serial nights of Mogwai show just to see Ratatat’s opening act. It was expensive. But who cares?

#5 ‘Let’s Get Out of Here’ Les Savy Fav
Please let the fat guy sing in Japan! I know looks are important for artists. But let’s close your eyes, and listen to the melody and the vocal. There will be a fountain of sweet, fresh light that we used to see in youth. Their songs give me a power to get over everyday duties! This is exactly a must-see gig for me in this or next year.

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