In my head radio: volume 3

Sun 20 November, 2011 -Night before Backstreet Boys

#1 ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) ‘ from Backstreet’s Back
Oh-, sweet 90s. Do you remember how many boy’s vocal group were there? I didn’t listen to all, but almost all of them were good. Why? Producers. And power music videos. This is one of my favorites form BSB. Just funny.

#2 ‘Larger Than Life’ from Millennium
Don’t forget about BSB could dance! But I’m sorry.I used to love back dancers. Look at their movement, amazingly sharp.

#3 ‘The One’ from Millennium
The album ‘Millennium’ was released in 1999. When I listened this song, I felt the new century. Beautiful Brian’s voice and effects worked perfectly.

#4 ‘More Than That’ from Black & Blue
This is my best of BSB video. The images of the West attracted me so badly. FYI: at this time, they were like a monster🙂

#5 ‘Shape of My Heart’ from Black & Blue
The last one is slight sadly, nostalgic video. I like the color, blue featured in it. Maybe in Japan or other Asian regions, their songs were heavily rotated. So I can’t wait to see ladies around 40? scream like girls in the ‘I Want to It That Way’
最後の1本はちょっと悲しく、ノスタルジックなビデオです。画面の青の色が好きです。彼らの曲は日本や他のアジアではヘビロテでしたので、再結成ライブに際して40歳付近?になったおばさま方が『I Won’t It That Way』に出てくるガールズファンのように叫ぶ姿を見たくてしかたがないです。

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