In my head radio: volume 2

Sat 19 November, 2011 -Rain

#1 ‘Blade Runner’ OST
Hey Decker. I and all the Fuji Rockers know what’s the feeling when raindrops dropping into your udon noodle! The masterpiece of young and cool Harrison Ford, oops… Si-Fi movie.

#2 ‘Fallen’ Sarah McLachlan
In the music video, the angry guy threw their belongs from the window. Awful. But slowmotion footages that captured broken glasses of windows and heavy rain mixed, fell into the ground are beautiful.

#3 ‘Too Little Too Late’ Jojo
Sometimes girls want to get soaked in the rain to feel misery. Really? I’m not that kind. Interesting.But be careful! There are lots of poisoning materials in the rain and the atomosphere.

#4 ‘Stan’ Eminem feat. Dido
Sick video… But the Dido’s part is chic. Her window is like the one in the JP movie called ‘Love Letter’. I want to have that big window.

#5 ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ OST
Great movie and love the happy smile of Gene Kelly. But I don’t want to sing and dance in the milk. I don’t want to listen this song at Fuji Rock.

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