In my head radio: volume 1

Fri 18 November, 2011 -Weekend

#1 ‘Blue Orchid’ The White Stripes
I like starting Friday with The White Strapes. I need something strong and rapid on the last day of the week. This song always gives me a power to get over fatigue.

#2 ‘Marching Bands of Manhattan’ Death Cab for Cutie
On a super crowded metro, I select simple and quiet songs. While listening to this song, I feel I can see the shadow and the light of underneath skyscrapers of NYC. Tokyo is not elegant like Manhattan, but still charming in some situation.

#3 Where Is My Mind?’ Pixies
James Blunt in his debut year, he covered this song at Shibuya AX’s show. He said ‘I like this song because it’s like a feeling that I can have when preparing to go out on Friday night.

#4 ‘Friday Night’ Lady Antebellum
One of my latest favorites. This song is far from a country song, but I do love it. When listening at the evening, after work and heading into the weekend, is perfect!

#5 ‘Back to You’ John Mayer
Don’t ask me why. I’m good at forgetting, so just want to go back to the basics before I sleep. It’s been 10 years since JM’s brilliant debut album. Felicitaciones and keep going!

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