White Lies, FRF and SS lineups



そのSummer Sonicは4、5弾とポロポロ恩着せがましく6組を追加発表してます。
Bow Wow Wow
The Morning Benders
One Night Only
Smith Westerns
X Japan



Fuji Rockは第3弾で12組。
Amadou & Mariam
The Birthday
British Sea Power
DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5)
Eastern Youth
Mo’Some Tonebender
The New Mastersounds
The Hiatus
Widespread Panic




White Lies’ show scheduled on tonight has been postponed (or cancelled). I hope they’ll come later this year. Next, Summer Sonic and Fuji Rock added some bands to their lineups. Those didn’t make me surprise, I’m sorry. But FRF is my annual event, there is no no-show. Hahaha. And I won an early birds ticket (and, of course, parking ticket!) this year! So please let me know your favorite band. In closing, the radioactive pollution is still serious problem. And it is said that it will spread over the west of Japan from tomorrow to Saturday. All ORDINARY people can do now is taking same way of combating hay fever, which is also serious problem in the last few years. And don’t forget about eating Japanese traditional food. It works, the WW2 generation proved it.

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