The reason why Radiohead is Radiohead

この怠慢で適当なやり方が本当に通っているとしたら、TV オン・ザ・レディオはギリギリセーフということになる。




In Japanese, the band name レディオヘッド (Radiohead) is generally pronounced like ‘La‘ of Français ‘zi’ ‘o’ and head, La-zi-o-haed. But they never be called like that among Japanese fans. The reason is simple. They got right person to promote their debut in Japan long time ago. I heard the Japanese direcotor was so into this young Brit band. So they got that right Japanese name that sound close to the original English name. The same goes for TV on the Radio.
One particular person. He/she can make a thing big, but can collapse and ruin it. Think well who you are and what you are doing. Think well in ‘A Thousand Tree’ way.

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